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DualReg: Green Skills in the Vocational Education Landscape of Cancún (Mexico)

Green skills - competencies geared towards sustainability - are increasingly becoming the focus. In this way, learners from the Mexican vocational training system should acquire green skills. This article uses the example of Cancún to examine how actors in vocational training (government agencies, vocational training providers, hotels, etc.) react to ecological challenges in order to contribute to solutions in the context of vocational training. The study shows that various projects and actions were initiated in Cancún to promote green skills and thus learners to become aware of ecological problems. The full article on this can be found below:

Röhrer, N., Vogelsang, B., Fuchs, M., Pilz, M. 2020: Green Skills in der beruflichen Bildungslandschaft von Cancún (Mexiko). In: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Hrsg.): Berufsbildung International, 51-53.




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